Promotions underway to stimulate the property market is getting cold kitchen electric industry market confidence

2016-07-14 19:13:14

0 down payment, "" special room "," down payment loan "...... a series of marketing hot words behind, it is the cold market realities. It is reported that, about to enter the" golden nine silver ten "sales season, the property market performance is very calm," markdowns "gradually become a market theme, act as developers market breakthrough embarrassing role. developers for the" rescue "to carry out promotional activities this behavior will inevitably affect downstream related industries, such as the industry as a whole wardrobe.

In the home building materials industry, the market has been the main theme of price promotions, brand competition is the "vanguard." Property developers getting cold markdowns, and virtually to the enterprise market pressures. Thus, the necessity to form a potential markdowns, kitchen electric market this year to become the protagonist. To avoid the endless promotional accusations, the industry has pointed out that "the price is just a tool for development, huge potential for development of kitchen appliances, price cuts are temporary business needs of the market."

It is not difficult to see, the kitchen electric industry for markdowns psychology is contradictory. One side is the unfavorable market situation, the other side is highly promising development of the industry, so companies want someone to do wardrobe market demonstration. In fact, the property market promotion and marketing kitchen appliances are essentially different. Kitchen Appliances is a family of modern life, and the property market is the social urbanization trends, different circumstances will lead to different results appear.

Simply put, not a choice, then there is another option, kitchen electric companies to follow suit the market environment to do promotions to the overall development of the industry does not have any thrust. As stakeholders thought, "just kind of price, rather than the ultimate goal, too frequent promotions will not let the market mature." Kitchen appliances emphasize the perfect combination of personality and life, its essence is "life." Companies seeking to market penetration, also need to start from the point of view of life, rather than the price point of view.

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