Energy-saving gas stoves really saving energy? What is the difference ordinary kitchen

2016-07-14 19:13:40

Currently, there are two popular energy-saving stove on the market: of Poly endophthalmitis can fire stoves and fast fireworks within the rotating stove, following these two new energy-saving stoves to be compared with ordinary kitchen to illustrate important energy-saving products sex.

Normal burner located on the upper panel, the burner flame extend peripheral combustion, flame placed along the bottom of the pot after pot to extend the pot, so easy to cause fire extension. Ordinary stove "pot to find the fire 'different," shaped fire "designed to achieve a" pot to find the fire. " Panel placed under the burner, the burner one week fire hole along the upwardly and inwardly angled arrangement, the flame belongs concealed. When burning, the flame was within a spiral-shaped, upward heat distribution, heat concentrated in the bottom of the pot can be well absorbed. The test results show that the same pot of boiling water, "shaped fire" than ordinary kitchen stove about 20% faster, saving about 15% gas. Since the burner is placed inside the stove so the panel easier to clean.

Then compare another new energy-saving stoves - fast fireworks within the rotating gas stove. Its embedded fire cover fire hole, flame-like rendering rotate inward, combustion technology to achieve a breakthrough, the thermal efficiency can achieve 57% (only 50% of the ordinary burner). Burning fire concentrated pot, more suitable for Chinese cooking needs urgent fire fried foods. When used, the provincial gas, emergency fire fried foods, fast lock nutrition. Now meet the fast-paced, high efficiency lifestyle. Its internal rotation of the flame so that the stove panel to avoid direct flame, cooking spills can not easily be burned, the panel easy to clean. In addition, this burner firepower adjustment range, to meet burned, boiled, steamed, fried, fried, baked, pot and other needs. Inside and outside the double spin fire respectively stepless adjustment, the user can choose according to cooking needs. In addition the two energy-saving burners are energy efficient, quick fire heating. Experiments show that heating a pot of water under the same conditions, and can save more than 16 percent of the time.

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